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Don’t have time to day trade? No worries, our server features a long-term channel where we signal stock buys and other long term income strategies. Our combination of fundamental and technical analysis has resulted in an impressive return on our long-term portfolio.

Our expertise in cryptocurrency also benefits our long term clients, it is not unusual for us to see multi-hundred percent gains regularly in that space.

PlayBit is an educational service and community focusing on strategic investment, securities trading, and cryptocurrencies. PlayBit University provides beginners with fundamental resources and tools to develop sound analysis and trading techniques.

Our experienced team posts daily watchlists, real-time signals, host Q&A sessions, and broadcasts live trading streams to facilitate a hands-on investing experience for our members.

Got time on your hands? Our team of over ten analysts is constantly scanning the market for potential entries and unusual activity so you never miss a thing.

Instant trade entry/exit notifications. Research/technical analysis behind our trades. We’re up early, hours before the market opens to scan the market and build our daily watchlist of stocks that may see activity that day.

Favorite Features

Voted #1 Discord financial group in 2020

Say hello to the most advanced trading community in the world.

There is something for everybody here. We truly care about each of our clients and our membership provides multiple perks that streamline your trading experience.

Live Trade Signals and Streams
We have a team of over ten traders constantly scanning the market for potential entries. When they find one, you will be alerted instantly on their entries/exits. All clients have access to at least two livestreams a week, premium clients have access to one daily!
Daily Watchlists
Want to find your own plays? We release a watchlist every morning before market-open on the most important stocks to watch. We provide key price targets for each stock to aid your trading plan. We also curate a weekly earnings report to save you from time-consuming research.
24/7 Trading Floor
There is a trading chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our community is always active! We trade stocks during the day, crypto at dawn. On the weekends, we run live crypto trading streams available to all members!
Real-Time Options Order Flow
Normally hundreds of dollars a month by itself, we provide flow data to all of our members at no extra cost. This flow allows you to see the orders of big-money investors and institutions as they happen, not days later.

Learn to trade like a pro, from the pros

Full transparency
We pride ourselves on our full transparency and integrity. Our daily trade recaps are available to the public on Discord along with our Instagram. It’s that easy, we have nothing to hide.
Experienced team
Our hand-curated team of over ten analysts have been doing this for a while. Even if one takes the day off, there is still a TON of brainpower serving you!
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